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Lean Startup Methodology


This course will introduce entrepreneurs to Lean Startup Methodology. Entrepreneurs will be introduced to how they can build a lean startup and a sustainable competitive advantage.

The end goal of this course is to enable graduates to build a lean startup using the Lean Startup Methodology and its best practices. The graduates will also be verse with tools such as the Business Model Canvas which will give them a deeper understanding into their business planning process.


* Awareness of business terminologies and
* Member on StartupWind community



Prof.Mark Werwath

Prof. Mark Werwath is a clinical associate professor and Co-Director of Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Northwestern University

Mark is also the director of the Masters in Engineering Management program at Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering.

Mark Werwath is also a certified project management professional (PMP), has been an engineering project manager for 15 years, managing complex system (software) and product development, IT, and manufacturing and radio network system implementation projects in four continents. He currently operates, Werwath Portoflio Group, a consulting business in the portfolio management space. Prior to this role, he founded, a web-based portal for project planning, project management, and resource recruiting in the software development space from 2007 to 2009. In 2000, he founded the project management consulting firm Prolima, which operated until 2003. He has managed a large number of new product development projects in the aerospace business and the telecom industry. Mark has also advised numerous start-ups, including Energy Vault, FEW Spirits, Equityhub, and Highland Solutions..

He had previously led (from 2005 through 2012) product strategy as executive director at WMS gaming, a medium sized gaming equipment company based in Chicago.

Werwath has a BSME degree from the University of Illinois (1981), a master's in Engineering Management degree from Northwestern University (1987), and has completed his PhD at Benedictine University in Organizational Development (2003)