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Create your investor pitch


This course will teach entrepreneurs seeking investment on how to create a compelling pitch that addresses the right questions. This course will also touch up upon the important aspects that investors look for while evaluating a business plan for funding and give an insight into the investor’s mind.

By the end of this course, entrepreneurs will be able to create their own compelling pitch that will have all the key elements of an effective pitch which will increase their chances of getting funded. Entrepreneurs will also be able to tell compelling stories about their ventures and make their pitch memorable.


* Awareness of business terminologies and
* Member on StartupWind community


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Naren Patil

Naren is the founder of StartupWind and brings over 25 years of experience as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and Entrepreneur.

Prior to StartupWind, Naren was Head of Product strategy at TriNet (NYSE: TNET) leading product strategy for $2 billion portfolio of cloud based HR applications. At Saba, Naren was General Manager for Saba Learning & Social Learning products supporting and growing over $100 million annual business.

Naren has been a speaker at TiECon Silicon Valley, TiE Pune, CLO World and featured into magazines such as Forbes and TechStory.

He has worked in executive roles for large public companies (BEA, Saba, SumTotal, Sun & TriNet) as well as startups (NGDATA, Optimyz).

Naren has a MBA from Northwestern Kellogg.