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Introduction to Business Model Canvas


This course will help you get started with your business model canvas and take your first steps towards building a sustainable business.

The business model canvas is like the first building block for your business and once you have that in place you can start your journey with some constant guiding document in hand. Since the business model is not set in stone and you need to pivot your startup as market and consumer needs change, you can alter your business model canvas to better fit the current scenarios. After you fill out the 9 boxes of Business model canvas the next step is getting feedback on each of the box from experts and making the business plan perfect on paper. Once you have the direction set up by your business model canvas, you can start working on your market segments, penetration, market share and market positioning in detail. The template will also serve you while you start working on your investor pitch as it contains the relevant business information.


* Awareness of business terminologies and
* Member on StartupWind community


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Naren Patil

Naren is the founder of StartupWind and brings over 25 years of experience as Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and Entrepreneur.

Prior to StartupWind, Naren was Head of Product strategy at TriNet (NYSE: TNET) leading product strategy for $2 billion portfolio of cloud based HR applications. At Saba, Naren was General Manager for Saba Learning & Social Learning products supporting and growing over $100 million annual business.

Naren has been a speaker at TiECon Silicon Valley, TiE Pune, CLO World and featured into magazines such as Forbes and TechStory.

He has worked in executive roles for large public companies (BEA, Saba, SumTotal, Sun & TriNet) as well as startups (NGDATA, Optimyz).

Naren has a MBA from Northwestern Kellogg.